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Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can spread to other parts of your body. When this happens, cancer cells break off from their original location and travel to other areas. The cancer cells can be carried through your blood or a system in your body known as the lymph system.

In many cases the cancer cells travel to the bones first. Some other areas include the lymph nodes, lungs, and liver. If your prostate cancer spreads, this is known as metastatic prostate cancer.

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How will I know if my prostate cancer is metastatic?
Some men may experience symptoms as their prostate cancer spreads. However, metastatic prostate cancer doesn’t always cause noticeable symptoms.

If your PSA levels start to rise, this may be a sign that your cancer has spread. If this happens, your doctor may recommend one or more types of scans. These scans may include an MRI, CT, PET, or bone scan. Talk to your doctor about what types of scans can be used to help identify whether your cancer has spread.

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The earlier your doctor determines if your cancer has spread, the sooner he or she can start treating this type of progression.